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KKT chillers

Innovation is our standard
Originating from the KKT Kraus Company, the current KKT chillers brand is an important pillar within ait-deutschland GmbH.

KKT chillers combines decades of know-how in thermodynamic processes with the requirements of our customers to design energy-efficient chiller and heat pump solutions for quite varied applications.

Each KKT chillers product development always focuses on what our customers desire. So in a way, it is customer wishes that determine the selection of components every time anew. The resulting product portfolio ranges from series-oriented standard units to customized special solutions. The product series “Nano-Line”, “Vario-Line” and “Compact-Line”, which offer a cooling capacity of up to 200 kW, are complemented by thermal energy solutions: THERMODYNAMIXX. This offering includes everything from energy saving systems and heat regeneration to heating and cooling solutions for industrial and technical building applications as well as special solutions for high-temperature areas and water management systems with the corresponding services. For the OEM industry, KKT chillers develops specific, globally applied cooling solutions in cooperation with the customers.

KKT chillers has long become a full-fledged global player in the chiller market, thanks to the two sites in Germany and the US as well as the global service network – plus the priceless benefit of technological development and production “made in Germany.”

KKT chillers
Industriestraße 3
95359 Kasendorf, Germany   
Phone +49 9228 9977-0
Fax +49 9228 9977-149

Your Contact Person on-site
Karsten Wießner
Mobile +49 1522 2525 916

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