From marking to perforation, from cutting to welding – Lasers are essential tools that are equally fascinating and versatile. They can provide enormous amounts of energy as light, precisely adjustable and focused on a spot. We at RAYLASE follow our mission to make these valuable properties easy to use for equipment and plant manufacturers, integrators and researchers.  

RAYLASE offers highly accurate components for the fast deflection and modulation of laser beams. They consist of first-class optics, galvanometer scanners and control electronics with intuitive software interfaces. Customers from all over the world build on the unparalleled performance and reliability of our deflection units. These components constitute the core of industrial laser systems for scanning of printed codes, marking of textiles and surfaces, welding of sheet metal and plastics as well as for the cutting and drilling of semiconductor wafers and numerous other materials like metals, plastics, or glass.

Furthermore, RAYLASE develops and manufactures a series of different modules and solutions for the integration in devices and machines. Furthermore, RAYLASE develops and manufactures a series of different deflection units and solutions for the integration in devices and machines. For example, our innovative and compact AM-MODUL is the ideal solution for the Additive Manufacturing industry. With our Machine Vision Control system customers obtain an integrated solution to make the laser process robust against random workpiece positions and to inspect the quality of the process results instantaneously. Beyond such standard products the development of customer specific solutions is our specialty.  

Since more than 15 years, we focus on laser technology and its applications. At RAYLASE we do not rest on technological innovation, high-quality products and cost-efficiency. Moreover, the personal consulting by our team of experts in the phases of sourcing, system integration and operation is an essential part of our offering. The team of more than 100 outstanding employees in Germany and our subsidiaries in China and USA together with our global sales and certified maintenance partners from Russia to Brazil unify the benefits of an international organization with local presence.  

Even if the required solution is not part of our broad portfolio – our products are available in manifold configurations and thanks to their modular structure they can be adapted to our customer’s requirement quickly and efficiently.


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